Bear Hunting


There once was a winter that wasn’t really a winter at all

All cold and cragle, but no snow

The bees were confused and the

Apple trees bloomed early and

Life here didn’t seem so extreme

That winter brought a man like a bear

Growling through the frozen grass

That somehow stayed green through January

He sang deep bear songs and laughed too loud

Living life in excess, and was confused out

Of hibernation by the unusual winter

The Bear Man found me with my

Cubs, strangely alone

Growl laughing that we should be

Resisting the hibernation together

Because yes, I am a bear as well

Consistently and protectively I said,

“No thank you

I have a companion, although invisible

but I assure you this Fox Man exists,

Although far away”

My Fox Man companion grew more invisible

And seemed to be traveling farther away

So the man like a bear began to not believe

There was such thing

And so did I

There came an opening during the

Dark of the not so winter

And I prayed to my Grandmothers to

Send me in the direction of noble heart

And the phone rang out during the

First snow of the long season

A message this man like a bear

Left curling with defeat but validated

Pride in the game

“I am going bear hunting”

And he disappeared for the rest of the

Not so winter

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