T on a hike in Washington

Take off in Seattle, float over the peak of Mt. Ranier, continue along the crests of Montana and then look upon the great lakes.  Five hours in the sky brings us to an upside down starscape called New Jersey.  Lights and cars and bridges and more cars.  Say a prayer and welcome myself to the east coast, my home for the next six months.

Mt. Baker

Our family has embarked on adventure, leaving the place we have called home for the 8 years. Northwest Washington served as lush root base where the rainforest towered above us and the ocean splashed against our children’s toes.  We were welcomed into a vibrant community built on living local and simple where beautiful people could be found around every co-op grocery store corner. We were far from any family and managed to create a network of support through friends — help with children and the twists and turns of life. 

Why would we leave? As I write this, I’m feeling tender and wondering… A natural break in the rhythm of our life is pushing us to explore life out of the bubble we have been protected in the last few years.  My husband, M, finished an amazing eight years with a Waldorf School class and I am between school endeavours.  Our children are young- 4 and 7 and we have the opportunity to work in New York while living mortgage/rent free. We will save money to travel to exotic lands and revisit our life in a year. We are trying to trust in the world and ourselves, raise our children with a perspective of acceptance and awareness, and push ourselves to take risks. 

Landing in New Jersey feels like diving head fist into a steamy swamp, not being able to see the bottom. I’m scared but excited and feel incredibly open to this crazy world. Enter and leave New York City within 24 hours and arrive at our haven in the country…

6 responses to “Uprooted

  1. thinking of you all , happy for your adventures , and so grateful to know you! sending love

  2. So glad to read your beautiful writing, and I like the “theme”. Have fun with your blog and I look forward to reading more and seeing more and keeping up with the family. xoxo.

  3. Upside down star scape, I bet. Thank you for writing this!! Love you, and yours. Happy sad for your adventures. Pouring freaking kitty and puppies here!

  4. Hi there, Rachel! It was great to be able to greet you in the country!! I am excited for you and your family’s new adventure – it takes courage. I love Quinn and Tula. I hope that a Haley-fest happens soon – I still haven’t seen Eva Magdelena!! Until then – keep on writing!!

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